Gino Ventori History



Gino Ventori was founded in 1993 by Barry Cheetham, who had enjoyed a long history in the footwear industry with a special interest in Brazilian manufactured shoes and sandals.

Over the last few decades the label has grown and evolved and Gino Ventori has become a trusted name for ladies leather footwear in Australia and New Zealand.


The Gino Ventori team scour the globe to source rich, premium leathers and quality
componentry to craft stunning footwear that feels as good as it looks.

Today Gino Ventori footwear is designed and handpicked by the Australian team and manufactured by international factories to ensure we have a variety of leathers, hardware, accent features and stylistic influences from around the world.

Our suppliers have expert experience in creating products for the European fashion and comfort market, and now work to tailor these designs for the Australian market - so there is sure to be a stunning style to suit you.


In 2024 Perth-based family footwear group PC Brands acquired the Gino Ventori label from the Cheetham family.

A longstanding and trusted relationship between the two experienced-footwear families meant Barry was able to seamlessly hand over the reins to his beloved brand and enter well-deserved retirement.

Under the leadership of PC Brands Managing Director John Carroll we will continue to create comfortable, fashion forward footwear for the discerning woman who deserves footwear that feels as good as it looks.


In 2024 the PC Brands buying team are heading to the international shoe fairs in Italy to expand their ranges, sourcing inspiration, design, materials and technology.

PC Brands will continue their mission to deliver the finest footwear purchasing experience for customers, and to further advance and nurture the individually unique branding and positioning of the iconic brands it represents. We are excited to add Gino Ventori to our portfolio, and we cannot wait to continue to develop and present stunning, comfortable and functional ranges to our customers.


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